Marshall's Iora (Aegithina nigrolutea)

The Marshall's Iora bird is a rare and elusive species found only on the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. It is a small bird, measuring around 10 centimeters in length, with a distinctive yellow-green coloring and a grayish white underbelly. The bird gets its name from the Latin word "Iora," which means green.

The Marshall's Iora bird is a sensitive and fragile species that requires specific habitats to survive. It usually inhabits the dense undergrowth of tropical forests and feeds on small insects and fruits. Due to habitat destruction and fragmentation, the bird's population has been in decline, making it one of the most threatened bird species in the world.

In an attempt to save the Marshall's Iora bird, conservation efforts have been put in place. For example, the Marshall Islands Conservation Society has been carrying out awareness campaigns and building community support for the protection of the bird. Similarly, the Marshall Islands Environmental Protection Authority is working to protect the bird's habitat by designating protected areas and regulation of logging and mining activities. Such conservation efforts are essential for the survival of this species.

The Marshall's Iora bird is also significant culturally to the Marshall Islands people. The bird is considered a sacred and symbolic bird that represents several things, including peace and harmony. Its image is often used in traditional art, dances, songs, and stories, demonstrating its cultural importance. It is also featured on the 100 dollars Marshall Islands banknote.

In summary, the Marshall's Iora bird is an important and unique species that requires immediate conservation efforts to protect it from extinction. With the support of communities and authorities, we can hope for this beautiful bird's survival and preservation of its important cultural significance.

Other names

Aegithina nigrolutea



Marshall's Iora

iora cuablanca



crnokapa jora

jora černohlavá

Sortkappet Iora



Iora à queue blanche


Iora codabianca


juodakepurė jora


paskownik białosterny


Черношапочная йора

Crnokapa jora

jara bielochvostá

Iora coliblanca

vitstjärtad iora

Ak Kuyruklu İora

йора мала

feketesapkás poszátalevélmadár