Green Iora (Aegithina viridissima)

The Green Iora bird is a small passerine bird that is commonly found in Southeast Asia and parts of India. It is a member of the Iora family, which includes around 36 different species of birds. The Green Iora bird is known for its bright green feathers, which cover its head, back, and wings. It also has a bright yellow throat and a short, pointed beak.

The Green Iora bird is a very active and lively bird, often seen hopping from branch to branch in search of insects and other small prey. It is an omnivorous bird, and its diet usually consists of insects, spiders, small fruits, and nectar. It is an important seed disperser, as it feeds on and distributes the fruits and seeds of various trees and plants.

The Green Iora bird breeds between February to April and generally lays three to four eggs per clutch. They build small, cup-shaped nests high up in the trees, often in the forks of branches. The nests are usually made up of grass and twigs and lined with soft materials like feathers and moss.

The Green Iora bird is a common sight in Southeast Asia, and it can be found in a range of habitats, from open woodlands to marshy areas. It is a non-migratory bird, and its populations are generally stable, although habitat destruction and pollution pose a threat to its existence.

In conclusion, the Green Iora bird is a fascinating species of passerine bird that is known for its bright green feathers, lively behavior, and important role in maintaining ecosystems. Despite being a common sight in Southeast Asia, this bird's populations are threatened due to habitat loss and pollution. Conservation efforts are essential to preserve this beautiful and vital species.

Other names

Aegithina viridissima



Green Iora

iora verda



zelena jora

jora zelená


Groene Iora


Iora émeraude


Iora verde


alyvinė jora


paskownik zielony


Зелёная йора

Zelena jora

jara zelená

Iora verde

grön iora

Yeşil İora

йора зелена

smaragd poszátalevélmadár

Cipoh jantung