Buff-fronted Owl (Aegolius harrisii)

The Buff-fronted Owl, also known as the Rusty-fronted Owl, is a medium-sized owl found in Central and South America. These birds prefer a forested habitat that includes both evergreen and deciduous trees.

One of the distinguishing features of the Buff-fronted Owl is its distinct facial pattern. The bird has a buff or rusty-colored forehead, giving it its name, and a black-ringed face with a white throat. Its back and wings are a mottled gray-brown color, while its chest and belly are white with brown spots.

These birds are primarily nocturnal, hunting at night for their prey, which includes rodents, insects, and small birds. They hunt by silently swooping down on their prey from a perch. Although they are not commonly seen during the day, they are known to be territorial and will defend their nesting sites from potential threats.

During the breeding season, which typically lasts from January to June, Buff-fronted Owls will form monogamous pairs. The female will lay two to three eggs in a tree cavity or nest box, and both parents will take turns incubating the eggs and caring for the hatchlings. The chicks will fledge after approximately 35 days.

While not considered endangered, the Buff-fronted Owl population is declining due to habitat destruction and fragmentation. These birds rely on mature forests for nesting and hunting, and the destruction of these habitats is threatening their survival. Conservation efforts are focused on protecting and restoring their habitats, as well as educating the public about the importance of coexisting with these magnificent birds of prey.

Other names

Aegolius harrisii



Buff-fronted Owl

mussol canyella



smeđoleđi ćuk

sýc plavočelý

Okkerbrystet Perleugle

Harris' Zaaguil


Nyctale de Harris


Civetta capogrosso del Sudamerica


geltonkaktė lututė


włochatka obrożna


Свеглолобый мохноногий сыч

Žutočela gaćasta kukumavka

pôtik okrový

Mochuelo canela

gulpannad pärluggla

Sarışın Paçalı Baykuş

сич вохристолобий


halványhomlokú bagoly