Australian Owlet-nightjar (Aegotheles cristatus)

The Australian Owlet-nightjar is a small nocturnal bird that is native to Australia. It belongs to the family Aegothelidae and is the smallest bird in the family. It is also sometimes called the White-throated Nightjar or the Tasmanian Owlet-nightjar.

The Australian Owlet-nightjar has a unique appearance with its brown and grey feathers and large, bright eyes. It is a small bird, with a length of 20-25 centimeters and a wingspan of 35-40 centimeters. The bird has a short, stout bill that is used to feed on insects such as moths and beetles. The owl-like appearance of the Australian Owlet-nightjar is due to its facial disc of feathers that is designed to help it hear.

The bird is mostly found in the southern parts of Australia and Tasmania. It prefers forested areas where there is a dense vegetation cover, as it helps it to camouflage itself from predators. The Australian Owlet-nightjar is usually solitary and territorial, and only gathers in groups during breeding season.

During breeding season, which lasts from August to January, the male produces a loud and distinctive "kee-kee-kee" call to attract its mate. The female lays 1-2 eggs in a nest that is located in a tree hollow or a burrow in the ground. Both parents take turns incubating the eggs and feeding the chicks.

The Australian Owlet-nightjar is not considered endangered, but its population has decreased over the years due to habitat destruction and fragmentation. Conservation efforts are currently underway to protect the bird's natural habitat and ensure its survival.

Overall, the Australian Owlet-nightjar is an interesting and unique bird that plays an important role in the ecosystem. Its nocturnal habits and distinctive appearance make it a fascinating bird to observe and study.

Other names

Aegotheles cristatus



Australian Owlet-nightjar

egotel australià



australska sovašica

lelčík australský

Australsk Uglesvale

Australische Dwergnachtzwaluw


Égothèle d’Australie


Egotele australiano


australinis pelėdinis varliažiotis


sownik australijski


Австралийский совиный лягушкорот

Australijski sovasti leganj

lelčík závojový

Egotelo australiano

australisk uggleskärra

Avustralya Egoteli

еготело австралійський

austraalia õõnesorr

ausztrál kuvikfecske