Feline Owlet-nightjar (Aegotheles insignis)

The Feline Owlet-nightjar bird, also known as the Blackish Nightjar, is a small, nocturnal bird that belongs to the Caprimulgidae family. These birds are found in the tropical forests of South Asia and Southern China.

The Feline Owlet-nightjar has an unusual appearance that makes it stand out from other birds. It has a sleek body with blackish-brown feathers, large eyes, and a small beak. It grows to approximately 20 centimeters in length and weighs around 50 grams.

The bird's most notable feature is its bright, emerald-green eyes that glow during the night. This characteristic has earned the Feline Owlet-nightjar the nickname "Monster of the Night" in some cultures.

Feline Owlet-nightjars are active during the night and are highly territorial. They hunt for insects by using their large, sensitive eyes to detect their prey's movements. The bird's keen sense of hearing also helps it to locate prey. They are known to swoop at prey while flying low to the ground.

The Feline Owlet-Nightjar is a solitary bird, and its breeding habits remain poorly understood. However, they are known to mate for life and build their nests on the ground. The females lay a single egg, which is incubated by both the male and female for around 24-25 days.

Due to habitat loss, the Feline Owlet-nightjar's population is declining. However, their exact numbers are unknown as they are nocturnal and difficult to observe. Conservation efforts are in place to protect their habitats and raise awareness about their existence.

In conclusion, the Feline Owlet-nightjar is a fascinating and mysterious bird with unique physical characteristics and behavior. Despite being a relatively unknown species, it plays an essential role in its ecosystem and is worthy of protection and conservation efforts.

Other names

Aegotheles insignis



Feline Owlet-nightjar

egotel gros



velika sovašica

lelčík velký

Hvidbrystet Uglesvale

Rosse Dwergnachtzwaluw


Grand Égothèle


Egotele felino


rudasis pelėdinis varliažiotis


sownik ozdobny


Рыжий совиный лягушкорот

Mačkasti sovasti leganj

lelčík veľký

Egotelo grande

större uggleskärra

Kedimsi Egotel

еготело великий


pápua kuvikfecske

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