Wattled Brushturkey (Aepypodius arfakianus)

The Wattled Brushturkey is a large, ground-dwelling bird that belongs to the Megapode family. These birds are found in the rainforests and woodlands of eastern Australia. They are notable for their unique appearance with their bright red and yellow wattle on their neck and head, and their large dark brown feathers.

One of the notable features of the Wattled Brushturkey is their impressive nesting habits. They're known for creating large mounds of organic matter, leaves, sticks, and dirt, which act as an incubator for their eggs. These mounds are often around three to four meters wide and two meters high, and they are used by multiple birds to lay their eggs, which are then left to incubate in the heat generated by the rotting organic matter.

Apart from their nesting behavior, the Wattled Brushturkey is also an intriguing bird due to its distinct physical characteristics and behaviors. With their relatively small wings, they are unable to fly very well and do not often do so, preferring instead to run rapidly on the ground. When they're not building their nests, they can be found foraging for food, such as insects, seeds, and fruits.

The male Wattled Brushturkey has a unique mating ritual, where they can be seen flaunting their bright red and yellow wattles in a dance, circulating around a chosen spot where they intend to lay their eggs. After completing the course, the males clear the area, scraping out a shallow hollow in the center, which acts as a safe location for their mate to lay their eggs.

Sadly, the Wattled Brushturkey is currently listed as 'vulnerable' on the IUCN Red List as their nesting sites are threatened by habitat destruction due to the human activity and feral predators. Organizations such as the National Park and Wildlife Service are currently working towards the conservation and protection of these magnificent creatures by providing suitable habitat and attempting to limit the destruction of their nesting sites.

In summary, the Wattled Brushturkey is a fascinating bird with unique characteristics and behaviors. These beautiful birds have an impressive nesting habit and a notable mating ritual, making them a delight to watch. However, due to their habitat destruction that endangers their existence, it's essential that we protect these birds to ensure that they can continue to live and thrive in Australia's natural environments.

Other names

Aepypodius arfakianus



Wattled Brushturkey

talègol carablanc



bjelogrla kokošina

tabon hřebenatý




Talégalle des Arfak


Megapodio dal bargiglio


raudonskiauterė didžiakojė višta


nogal koralikowy


Серёжчатый большеног

Resasta megapoda

tabon horský

Talégalo carunculado


İbikli Megapod

великоніг сірощокий


Maleo gunung