Mariana Swiftlet (Aerodramus bartschi)

The Mariana Swiftlet is a small bird species that is native to the Mariana Islands in the Western Pacific region. It is a unique and exquisite bird species that is predominantly found in the limestone forests and cliffs situated along the islands' coasts. This bird species is considered an endemic bird species to the Marianas as it is not found anywhere else in the world.

The Mariana Swiftlet is a small bird that measures approximately 10-12 centimeters and has a wingspan of 20-22 centimeters. It has a dark brown upper body and a slightly lighter brown underbody with a small beak and round eyes. This bird's distinguishing feature is its ability to navigate and fly with extreme agility, thanks to its distinct wing shape and size. It feeds mainly on insects such as flies and mosquitoes, which it catches and eats while flying at high speeds.

This bird species is very social and can be found living in large colonies with hundreds and sometimes thousands of individuals. It nests in caves, cliffs, and other protected sites along the coast, where it makes small, cup-shaped nests out of a combination of moss, feathers, and saliva.

Unfortunately, the Mariana Swiftlet population has declined significantly due to various factors, including habitat loss, predation, and hunting, leading to their endangerment. There have been efforts to conserve this species, and some of the measures that have been taken include the creation of protected habitats and raising awareness about the bird's conservation status.

In conclusion, the Mariana Swiftlet is a unique and fascinating bird species that plays an essential ecological role in the Marianas' ecosystem. It faces various threats, but with the right conservation measures, this bird species can continue to exist in the wild and contribute to the biodiversity of the region.

Other names

Aerodramus bartschi



Mariana Swiftlet

salangana de l'illa de Guam



marijanska čiopica

salangana marianská




Salangane de Guam


Salangana delle Marianne


guaminis erodramas


salangana mariańska


Гуамская салангана

Čiopica sa ostrva Marijana

salangána guamská

Salangana de Guam


Guam Yelyutanı

салангана маріанська

mariaani salangaan

mariana-szigeteki szalangána