Halmahera Swiftlet (Aerodramus infuscatus)

The Halmahera Swiftlet is a small bird belonging to the swift family and is found in the forests of Halmahera Island, Indonesia. Its scientific name is Aerodramus infuscatus, and it is commonly known as the Moluccan swiftlet or Halmahera cave swiftlet.

Unlike other birds that belong to the swift family, the Halmahera Swiftlet does not have sharp claws, as it doesn't need them for nesting and roosting. Instead, it attaches to rocks and caves with its small, adherent feet, which help it to survive in the dangerous caves of Halmahera Island.

The Halmahera Swiftlet has dark brown plumage, with a small, curved beak and a wide wing span. It feeds on insects, which it catches while flying above the dense forests of the island. It has a distinctive high-pitched call used to communicate with other members of its species.

Interestingly, the Halmahera Swiftlet's saliva is highly prized for its healing properties in Chinese medicine. The birds build their nests out of their own saliva, which hardens into a nest-like structure that is harvested by people for culinary and medicinal purposes. This has led to significant exploitation of these birds and their nests, putting their populations at risk.

The Halmahera Swiftlet is an important part of the ecosystem in Halmahera Island, as they serve as an indicator species for the health of the forest ecosystem. The loss of these birds could have disastrous effects on the island's biodiversity and ecosystem.

Efforts are being made to conserve the Halmahera Swiftlet's habitat and prevent their exploitation. It is important to address the illegal trade of these birds and their nests and develop sustainable ways of using their nests without harming the birds themselves.

In conclusion, the Halmahera Swiftlet is a unique and fascinating bird that plays an important role in the ecosystem of Halmahera Island. Efforts must be made to conserve these birds and their habitats to ensure their survival and maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Other names

Aerodramus infuscatus



Halmahera Swiftlet

salangana de les Moluques



molučka čiopica

salangana molucká




Salangane des Moluques


Salangana delle Molucche


molukinis erodramas


salangana molucka


Молуккская салангана

Čiopica sa Halmahere

salangána molucká

Salangana moluqueña


Maluku Yelyutanı

салангана молуцька

maluku salangaan

malukui szalangána

Walet maluku