Philippine Swiftlet (Aerodramus mearnsi)

The Philippine Swiftlet bird is a small, but remarkable bird with a wingspan of up to 28 centimeters. It is a common sight in the Philippines, where it roosts in colonies in caves, old buildings, and other man-made structures. The bird is known for its swift and agile flight, where it uses its long, pointed wings to navigate through the air.

The Philippine Swiftlet bird has a unique physical appearance with its dark brown or black feathers and pale gray or white underparts. It has a small, slightly curved beak which it uses to catch insects mid-flight. The bird feeds on a wide variety of insects including flies, ants and moths.

One of the notable characteristics of the Philippine Swiftlet is its ability to use echolocation to navigate and find its way around in the dark. This is a rare attribute in birds and is only found in a handful of species, including the swiftlets. They produce a series of short, high-pitched calls that bounce off objects and return to the bird's ears, helping them to locate food and navigate their way around their dark and cave-like roosting sites.

Another interesting fact about the Philippine Swiftlet is its role in the production of bird's nest soup. Swiftlet birds create their nests from their saliva, which hardens into a gel-like substance when it comes into contact with the air. People harvest these nests to make highly prized bird's nest soup, which is considered a delicacy in many parts of Asia. However, the practice of collecting bird's nests poses a threat to the swiftlet's population.

In conclusion, the Philippine Swiftlet bird is a fascinating creature with many unique features, from its echolocation abilities to its saliva nests. Despite the challenges it faces from habitat loss and harvesting, this bird remains a vital part of the Philippine ecosystem, where it contributes to the balance of predators and prey.

Other names

Aerodramus mearnsi



Philippine Swiftlet

salangana de les Filipines



filipinska čiopica

salangana hnědořitá

Filippinsk Salangan



Salangane de Mearns


Salangana delle Filippine


filipininis erodramas


salangana filipińska


Филиппинская салангана

Filipinska čiopica

salangána tmavá

Salangana filipina


Filipin Yelyutanı

салангана мінданайська


barnaarcú szalangána