Three-toed Swiftlet (Aerodramus papuensis)

The Three-toed Swiftlet bird, also known as the Collocalia Inexpectata, is a small, insectivorous bird that is found only in the islands of Fiji. It is named for its unique three toes, which help it cling to vertical surfaces.

One of the most interesting things about the Three-toed Swiftlet is its nesting behavior. These birds are known for building their nests almost exclusively out of their own saliva, which hardens into a gelatinous material. This material is then crafted into a bowl-shaped nest that is attached to the walls of caves and other steep surfaces.

The Three-toed Swiftlet is a small bird, measuring only around 10cm in length. It has dark-brown plumage on its back and wings, and a paler, slightly rufous-colored belly. Like other swiftlets, the Three-toed Swiftlet is well-adapted to life on the wing. It has long, narrow wings and a streamlined body that allows it to fly at high speeds and maneuver quickly through tight spaces.

The diet of the Three-toed Swiftlet consists almost entirely of flying insects, which it catches on the wing. This bird is highly maneuverable in flight, and can hover mid-air to pluck insects from the air.

Unfortunately, the habitat of the Three-toed Swiftlet is under threat. Many of the islands in Fiji are experiencing habitat destruction and degradation due to logging and agricultural activity. This is a particular concern for the Three-toed Swiftlet, since it relies on the caves and steep rock faces of the islands for nesting.

Conservation efforts are currently underway to try and protect the remaining populations of Three-toed Swiftlets and their habitat. These efforts may include measures such as habitat restoration, education campaigns, and legal protections. Hopefully, with the right interventions, this unique little bird will continue to thrive in Fiji for many years to come.

Other names

Aerodramus papuensis



Three-toed Swiftlet

salangana de Nova Guinea



troprsta čiopica

salangana papuánská

Tretået Salangan



Salangane papoue


Salangana papua


papuasinis erodramas


salangana papuaska


Папуасская салангана

Troprsta čiopica

salangána trojprstá

Salangana papúa


Üç Parmaklı Yelyutan

салангана папуанська


pápua szalangána

Sitella papua