Mossy-nest Swiftlet (Aerodramus salangana)

The Mossy-nest Swiftlet bird, also known as the Edible-nest Swiftlet, is a small bird that belongs to the Apodidae family. This species can be found in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The Mossy-nest Swiftlet is known for its unique nesting behavior, as it builds its nest using its own saliva.

The Mossy-nest Swiftlet is a small bird, approximately 9-10 cm in length, with dark brown plumage and a grayish-blue collar. It has a short tail and a long, pointed beak, which it uses to catch insects in mid-air. The Mossy-nest Swiftlet is a non-migratory bird that only moves from one area to another to search for food or a suitable nesting ground.

The Mossy-nest Swiftlet builds its nest in caves or dark locations, typically in large colonies. The bird weaves its nest entirely out of its own saliva, which forms a small cup-shaped structure. The saliva hardens when exposed to air and creates a firm, gelatinous nest. The nests are often harvested by humans for their high nutritional value and are very valuable in the food industry.

The Mossy-nest Swiftlet feed on small insects such as flies, ants, and beetles. They snack on their prey while flying and often group together in large flocks to feed during the breeding season. The bird’s unique flying ability allows it to catch insects in mid-air without losing its momentum.

The Mossy-nest Swiftlet is an important species in the ecosystem, ensuring the balance in the food chain by preying on pests. It also plays a significant economic role as the nest is harvested for its high nutritional and commercial value. However, the rapid decrease in the availability of suitable nesting grounds has led to a decline in the bird's population. The swiftlet is also facing threats from commercial harvesting activities that damage the cave systems where they nest.

In conclusion, the Mossy-nest Swiftlet is a unique bird species with a distinctive nesting habit. This bird plays an essential role in pest control and also has commercial value. The conservation of the species is crucial, and measures must be taken to protect the bird’s habitat and nesting grounds.

Other names

Aerodramus salangana



Mossy-nest Swiftlet

salangana de la Sonda



sundska čiopica

salangana mechová




Salangane de la Sonde


Salangana nidomuschiato


sundinis erodramas


salangana mszysta


Белобрюхая серая салангана

Čiopica mahovinastog gnezda

salangána jaskyniarka

Salangana de la Sonda


Sunda Yelyutanı

салангана яванська


Walet sarang-lumut