Atiu Swiftlet (Aerodramus sawtelli)

The Atiu Swiftlet is a bird species found exclusively in Atiu Island, which is a small island located in the Cook Islands, which lie in the South Pacific Ocean. It is a small bird, measuring up to 10 cm in length and weighs around 12 grams. The Atiu Swiftlet belongs to the family of swiftlets, Apodidae. These birds are known for their recurring movements, incessant chirping and the fact that they spend most of their lives in flight.

The Atiu Swiftlet's wings have a wingspan of about 22 centimetres and are well suited for their acrobatic flying. It is mostly brownish-gray in colour, has deeply forked tails which are square shaped, and the eyes are black. The Atiu Swiftlet only lives on Atiu Island and nowhere else in the world. They are common throughout the island, and they inhabit caves, cliff faces, and crevices.

Unlike many other swiftlets, the Atiu Swiftlet feeds on insects such as termites, beetles and winged ants. This is one of the reasons why the Atiu Swiftlet thrives so well in Atiu Island since this diet is quite abundant on the island. They hunt for food while on the wing.

Atiu is also known for the production of bird's nests, which is an important ingredient in traditional Chinese soup, Shark's fin soup. The Atiu Swiftlet nests are highly sought after and quite valuable, thus bringing the attention of poachers. However, there are conservationists who monitor the bird populations and work to protect their nests as well as the environment in which they habitat.

In conclusion, the Atiu Swiftlet is a unique bird that only exists in Atiu Island, Cook Islands. It is a small bird that feeds on insects and is known for its acrobatic abilities in flight. Conservation groups are working to preserve Atiu Island's natural environment and protect the Atiu Swiftlets from harm.

Other names

Aerodramus sawtelli



Atiu Swiftlet

salangana de l'illa Atiu



atiuska čiopica

salangana atiuská



Salangane de Cook


Salangana di Atiu


Kuko erodramas


salangana towarzyska


Атиусская салангана

Čiopica sa ostrva Atiu

salangána papraďová

Salangana de las Cook


Atiu Adası Yelyutanı

салангана атіуйська

atiu salangaan

Atiu-szigeti szalangána