Australian Swiftlet (Aerodramus terraereginae)

The Australian Swiftlet is a small bird belonging to the Apodidae family, also known as the white-bellied swiftlet, commonly found in the tropical regions of Australia. These birds are one of the most fascinating and elusive species of swifts that are known for their unique aerial acrobatics and remarkable migratory behavior.

The Australian Swiftlet is a relatively small bird with a streamlined body, having an average length of approximately 13 cm, and a wingspan of roughly 25 cm. The pure white underparts of the bird are one of its distinguishable features alongside the pale brown upperparts and a forked tail. Their beak is small, narrow, and pointed, ideal for capturing insects during flight as they feed exclusively on flying insects. Their wings are long and slender, adapted for fast and agile flight, allowing them to perform incredible aerial maneuvers, including sudden and abrupt turns and precise dives in search of prey.

They breed in large colonies, which are located in inaccessible caves, or rock crevices, where they construct their nests using a sticky substance secreted from their salivary glands, which hardens to form a cup-shaped structure. The nests are built in close proximity to one another, and sometimes, their nests can be seen attached to one another in a chain-like formation. These nests are highly valued for their use in traditional Chinese medicine, known as bird's nest soup, and are sold globally for high prices.

The Australian Swiftlet is known to migrate widely across Australia and other parts of the world, covering approximately 8,000km per year during their migration to Southeast Asia. These birds are capable of flying long distances without stopping for days, primarily using the strong air currents to conserve energy. These air currents can help them reach incredible heights and speeds and navigate over long distances.

In conclusion, the Australian Swiftlet is a fascinating bird known for its agile and acrobatic flight, unique migratory behavior, and intricate nests. However, their population is susceptible to declining due to habitat loss from deforestation, mining, and human activity. It is crucial to protect their habitats to maintain ecological balances and preserve the natural beauty of these unique birds.

Other names

Aerodramus terraereginae



Australian Swiftlet

salangana australiana



australska čiopica

salangana australská

Australsk Salangan

Australische Salangaan


Salangane d’Australie


Salangana australiana


australinis erodramas


salangana australijska


Австралийская салангана

Australijska čiopica

salangána sivá

Salangana australiana

australisk salangan

Avustralya Yelyutanı

салангана австралійська

austraalia salangaan

ausztrál szalangána