Indian Swiftlet (Aerodramus unicolor)

The Indian Swiftlet is a small bird belonging to the family Apodidae. The scientific name of this bird is Aerodramus unicolor. This species is endemic to India and can be found in different parts of the country.

Indian Swiftlets are known for their unique adaptation of being able to fly and maneuver in the air for extended periods. Their narrow wings, streamlined body, and forked tail make them exceptional aerial acrobats capable of zooming through narrow spaces and darting around obstacles with ease. They are often seen flitting around the skies in open spaces, including urban areas and grasslands.

Indian Swiftlets measure about 13 centimeters in length, and they weigh around 9-12 grams. Their feathers are a uniform dark gray-brown, and they have a distinctive black bill that is slightly curved. These tiny birds have a unique ability to produce echolocation-like calls, which helps them to navigate while flying in the dark.

The Indian Swiftlets typically build their nests in caves and crevices on rock faces, using their saliva to glue their nests against the surface. The nests are shaped like shallow cups and are lined with feathers or other soft materials.

The diet of the Indian Swiftlets mainly consists of small insects that they catch mid-air while flying. They are often seen feeding in groups, circling and diving after prey, making a high-pitched screeching sound in the process.

Due to habitat loss, Indian Swiftlet populations have been declining in recent years. Conservation efforts have been put in place to protect the species and their habitats. It is essential to preserve the natural ecosystems where the Indian Swiftlet lives to ensure their survival.

Overall, the Indian Swiftlet is a fascinating bird species with unique adaptations and behaviors. Although small, they are an essential part of India's biodiversity and require our attention and conservation efforts to protect their populations.

Other names

Aerodramus unicolor



Indian Swiftlet

salangana de Malabar



indijska čiopica

salangana indická

Indisk Salangan



Salangane de Malabar


Salangana indiana


indinis erodramas


salangana brunatna


Индийская салангана

Indijska čiopica

salangána hnedastá

Salangana de Malabar


Malabar Yelyutanı

салангана індійська

india salangaan

malabári szalangána