Uniform Swiftlet (Aerodramus vanikorensis)

Uniform Swiftlet, known scientifically as Aerodramus vanikorensis, is a small bird species belonging to the swift family Apodidae. It is also known as the Brown-rumped Swiftlet, Palauan Swiftlet, and Philippine Swiftlet. It is distributed across Southeast Asia, and its populations are known to inhabit forests, coastal areas, and urban centers.

The Uniform Swiftlet is a tiny bird that measures an average of 9.5 cm in length and weighs about 12 grams. It has a thin and narrow curved beak, which is perfectly suited for capturing small insects, the bird's primary prey. The bird's plumage is glossy and uniform from head to tail, with a smoky brown color on its upperparts and a lighter-colored underside.

These birds are highly skilled aviators, and their aerial acrobatics are a sight to behold. Flying at great speeds, they dart and dive through the air, capturing insects on the wing. Despite their small size, Uniform Swiftlets are powerful fliers able to cover vast distances, and some individuals have been recorded traveling up to 1600 kilometers.

Uniform Swiftlets form breeding colonies in caves, old buildings and sometimes under bridges, where they mate and raise their young. The birds are monogamous, and both parents share the duties of incubating the eggs and feeding their chicks. Once the chicks have fledged, they leave the nest and swiftly begin catching insects on their own.

Their unique diet of insects, rapid flight, and breeding habits make Uniform Swiftlets important indicators of the health of their ecosystems. In some areas, the birds are also considered sacred and believed to bring good luck.

In conclusion, Uniform Swiftlets are fascinating creatures that play an essential role in their ecosystems and have adapted to thrive in their natural environments. With their impressive aerial prowess and attractive glossy feathers, they are a joy to observe in the wild.

Other names

Aerodramus vanikorensis



Uniform Swiftlet

salangana de l'illa Vanikoro



siva čiopica

salangana vanikorská

Ensfarvet Salangan

Grijze Salangaan


Salangane de Vanikoro


Salangana uniforme


pilkasis erodramas


salangana jednobarwna


Нарядная салангана

Jednobojna čiopica

salangána ostrovná

Salangana de Vanikoro

enfärgad salangan

Vanikoro Yelyutanı

салангана бура


egyszínű szalangána

Walet polos