Volcano Swiftlet (Aerodramus vulcanorum)

The Volcano Swiftlet bird is a small, sleek bird that belongs to the apodidae family. It is also known as the Mountain Swiftlet, and it is widely distributed in Southeast Asia.

The Volcano Swiftlet has a distinctive appearance, with its blackish-blue plumage and small, stubby wings. The head and body are small and compact, and they have short, square-shaped tails. Their eyes are large and dark, which helps them to navigate their surroundings while in flight.

This bird is known for its ability to navigate in the dark and fly with incredible speed and agility. The Volcano Swiftlet feeds on insects, especially termites and various flying insects. They are known to feed throughout the day and night, so they need to fly constantly to maintain their energy levels.

One of the unique traits of this bird is its ability to build its nest entirely out of saliva. The nest is shallow and cup-shaped, typically attached to the sides of cliffs or in caves. The saliva-based nest is collected and shaped by the bird to create a supportive structure, which is used to hold and protect their eggs.

The Volcano Swiftlet has a diverse range of calls, which they use to communicate with other members of their flock. As they fly, they produce a variety of sounds, including twittering, purring, and shrieking sounds. They are social birds, and they tend to roost and nest in large flocks, primarily to protect their young.

Like other swiftlets, the Volcano Swiftlet is an essential pollinator for the plant species in Southeast Asia. Their daily movements and flight patterns contribute to the pollination of various plant species and help maintain the local ecosystem's balance.

Despite their importance, the Volcano Swiftlet is threatened by habitat loss, hunting, and capture for the bird's nest soup. Conservation initiatives to protect these birds are ongoing, and efforts are being made to promote sustainable management practices that allow for proper habitat preservation and increased protection for this unique bird species.

Other names

Aerodramus vulcanorum



Volcano Swiftlet

salangana dels volcans



vulkanska čiopica

salangana jávská



Salangane des volcans


Salangana dei vulcani


vulkaninis erodramas


salangana jawajska


Вулканическая салангана

Vulkanska čiopica

salangána kráterová

Salangana de los volcanes


Yanardağ Yelyutanı

салангана вулканійська


volcano szalangána

Walet gunung