Whitehead's Swiftlet (Aerodramus whiteheadi)

The Whitehead's Swiftlet is a small, black bird species found in the Southeast Asian region. It is named after John Whitehead, an English explorer who discovered it in Sabah, Borneo, in the late 19th century. This bird is also known by the common name of Black-nest Swiftlet, owing to its unique nest-building habit.

Whitehead's Swiftlet has a distinct jet-black plumage with a glossy sheen and a slightly forked tail. Its wings are long and slender, allowing the bird to be an excellent flier. The bird has a small beak, and its eyes are surrounded by a white ring, giving it a somewhat comical appearance.

This bird species is known for building edible nests made from its saliva and feather materials. The nests are the prime ingredient of the famous Chinese delicacy – Bird's Nest Soup – and can fetch a high price in the market. They are formed in small colonies inside dark caves, and it is tightly glued to the cave's walls and ceilings.

The Whitehead's Swiftlet's diet consists of insects that it catches mid-flight. They typically feed together in large flocks, hovering above the forest canopy or over the water, where they prey on flying insects. The bird's sonar-like ability helps it navigate and catch its prey with precision.

Whitehead's Swiftlet is a monogamous bird species where pairs only mate with each other for life. The bird has a solitary nature with the male bird building, maintaining, and defending the nest from predators or other swiftlets.

The Whitehead's Swiftlet is listed in the Least Concern category on The IUCN List of Threatened Species, but human activities such as deforestation and disturbance of nesting sites can harm its population. The bird's nests, which are held in high regard for their nutritional value, are also under threat from over-exploitation, which has caused deforestation of the bird's habitat and a decline in bird population.

In conclusion, Whitehead's Swiftlet is a bird species that plays an important ecological role in Southeast Asia. Despite its small size, this bird's habitat and nest-building habit have a significant impact on the region's ecology and human societies.

Other names

Aerodramus whiteheadi



Whitehead's Swiftlet

salangana de Whitehead



whiteheadova čiopica

salangana filipínská

Sorthovedet Salangan

Whiteheads Salangaan


Salangane de Whitehead


Salangana di Whitehead


Vaithedo erodramas


salangana lśniąca


Салангана Уайтхеда

Vajthedova čiopica

salangána horská

Salangana de Whitehead

storhuvad salangan

Whitehead Yelyutanı

салангана датайська


fülöp-szigeteki szalangána