Andean Swift (Aeronautes andecolus)

The Andean Swift bird is a beautiful and fascinating species that is found in the Andean regions of South America, including from Chile to Colombia and Venezuela. This bird has a dark brown-black plumage, with a distinctive white spot on its rump. It has long wings that are swept back and tapered, which makes it highly aerodynamic.

The Andean Swift is known for its incredible speed and agility in flight, which is why it is considered one of the fastest birds in the world. These birds can fly at an average speed of 250 km/h and can reach a maximum speed of up to 400 km/h when diving down from heights to catch prey.

They are also highly adaptable, living in a variety of environments including high altitude areas, mountainous regions, forests, and even urban areas. They feed mainly on insects which they catch in mid-air, using their beaks as nets to scoop up their prey while flying.

The Andean Swift is an important part of the ecosystem, as it helps to control the insect population in the areas in which it lives. It is also a significant species for birdwatchers, who flock to South America to catch a glimpse of this incredible bird in its natural habitat.

Despite their fascinating traits, Andean Swifts are under threat due to habitat loss and fragmentation, collisions with powerlines, and the use of pesticides that reduce the availability of their food. It is essential that conservation efforts are put in place to protect the Andean Swift and ensure that it continues to flourish in the Andean regions. These measures need to focus on the protection of their natural habitat, reducing human-induced threats, and raising awareness among local communities about the importance of this incredible bird.

Other names

Aeronautes andecolus



Andean Swift

falciot dels Andes



andska čiopa

rorýs andský




Martinet des Andes


Rondone delle Ande


andinis šeriuotakojis čiurlys


aeronauta andyjski


Андский мохноногий стриж

Andska čiopa

vzducholovec belavý

Vencejo andino

andinsk seglare

And Ebabili

серпокрилець андійський

andi piiritaja

andoki sarlósfecske