White-tipped Swift (Aeronautes montivagus)

The White-tipped Swift is a stunning bird known for its unique appearance and swift flying abilities. This bird species can be found in various parts of South and Central America, including Brazil, Panama, and Venezuela. The White-tipped Swift is a small bird with a wingspan of approximately 20cm, and it weighs around 47 grams.

The White-tipped Swift belongs to the Apodidae family, which translates to "footless birds". As the name suggests, these birds are known for their small and weak feet, which hinder their ability to perch or walk. However, their feet are specially designed for clinging to vertical surfaces, such as rocky cliffs, caves, and buildings, where they build their nests.

The White-tipped Swift has a beautiful and striking appearance with a black body and contrasting white patches on the wings and tail. The bird's upper head is a dark brownish-black color, and its eyes are large and black, giving it a rather ominous look. When in flight, the White-tipped Swift is incredibly agile and speedy. It can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h with ease, thanks to its streamlined body and elongated wings.

The White-tipped Swift feeds mainly on insects, which it catches while in mid-flight. The bird's narrow and pointed beak is perfect for catching prey in flight. Its excellent swift flight and aerial hunting abilities make it a significant predator for insects, including mosquitos, beetles, and flies.

The White-tipped Swift is a social bird that is often seen in large flocks of up to several hundred individuals. These birds travel long distances, and their migratory patterns are not fully understood. However, they are known to move in a somewhat nomadic way, seeking out suitable areas for nesting, food, and water.

In conclusion, the White-tipped Swift is a unique bird species known for its striking appearance, swift flight abilities, and nomadic lifestyle. Although this bird may not be very noticeable due to its size, it plays a significant role in insect control, making it an essential species in the ecosystem.

Other names

Aeronautes montivagus



White-tipped Swift

falciot de muntanya



bjeloboka čiopa

rorýs horský

Hvidspidset Sejler

Kleine Andesgierzwaluw


Martinet montagnard


Rondone puntebianche


kalninis šeriuotakojis čiurlys


aeronauta białoplamy


Горный мохноногий стриж

Belovrha čiopa

vzducholovec vrchovský

Vencejo montañés

vitmönstrad seglare

Güneyli Alaca Ebabil

серпокрилець гірський


hegyi sarlósfecske