White-throated Swift (Aeronautes saxatalis)

The White-throated Swift bird, also known as Aves Apodiformes, is a small bird that belongs to the family of swifts. They are primarily found in the western parts of North America, from British Columbia down to northern Mexico. This species of swift is often seen flying quickly through the air, with remarkable agility and speed, thanks to their unique characteristics.

One of the striking features of White-throated Swifts is their sleek, short body that measures about 6 inches long and weighs approximately 1 oz. They boast a dark-grayish to brownish-black plumage which is distinguishable from other birds. They have a white throat patch, white crescent-chinned and broadwing stripes, and a short, stubby tail. Their wings are long and narrow; these birds are more efficient in the air than on land.

White-throated Swifts are also renowned for their speed in flight; they can fly up to 70-80 mph. In addition, they can soar at considerable heights above the ground and can do so for a very long time without flapping their wings. These birds have a unique ability to fly straight up in the air, making a sudden U-turn and darting back downwards in a breathtaking flight pattern.

White-throated Swifts also possess efficient hunting abilities. They feed on insects, including flies, bugs, ants, and various other arthropods that are found on steep rocky spaces and cliffs of ridges. Their sharp vision enables them to locate prey that is difficult for many other animals to see.

Furthermore, White-throated Swifts are known for their monogamous breeding habits, meaning that they mate for life. The birds construct their nests on cliff faces, using feathers, moss, and small twigs. They also lay their eggs in these nests, usually in groups of 2-3. The young chicks develop quickly and fledge in about a month.

Overall, White-throated Swift birds are fascinating species that have a unique and thrilling acrobatic flight style. Their remarkable speed, agility, and efficient hunting abilities make them stand out from other birds. They form part of the beauty and wonder of nature.

Other names

Aeronautes saxatalis



White-throated Swift

falciot golablanc



čiopa litičarka

rorýs bělohrdlý


Bonte Gierzwaluw


Martinet à gorge blanche


Rondone golabianca


baltagurklis šeriuotakojis čiurlys


aeronauta białogardły


Белобрюхий мохноногий стриж

Belogrla američka čiopa

vzducholovec bielohrdlý

Vencejo gorjiblanco


Alaca Ebabil

серпокрилець білогорлий


fehérmellű sarlósfecske

daglā svīre