Crested Auklet (Aethia cristatella)

The Crested Auklet is a striking seabird that is found in the northern regions of the Pacific Ocean. This bird is also known by various other names, including the Crested Puffin and the Horned Puffin, due to its prominent feather tufts above each eye that give it a horned appearance.

The characteristic feature of this bird is its remarkable breeding plumage. During the breeding season, male Crested Auklets develop vibrant ceres on their bills, which is an extension of the nostril and a brightly colored fleshy wattle located on the head. They also grow a mop of yellow feathers on top of their heads that resemble the shape of devil's horns, giving them a unique, almost gothic look. Females have a less flamboyant plumage, with only the beginnings of a yellow head tuft.

Crested Auklets are colonial birds that nest in large numbers on rocky cliffs. Their preferred nesting sites are on islands that have steep walls and few predators. The nests are made in rock crevices with debris and vegetation that the birds gather from the surrounding area.

These birds are highly adapted to life at sea and are excellent divers. They use their wings to "fly" underwater, allowing them to pursue prey at great depths. Their diet consists mostly of small schooling fish, plankton, and krill. The prey is captured by the bird using its sharp beak, and then brought to the surface to be consumed.

The Crested Auklet is being monitored by biologists who are concerned about its population decline. Climate change, pollution, and excessive commercial fishing have all been identified as potential threats to the survival of this bird. Despite this, the future of the Crested Auklet remains uncertain, and conservation efforts are required to ensure its survival and the continued health of the ocean ecosystem it inhabits.

Other names

Aethia cristatella



Crested Auklet

gavotí emplomallat



ćubasta njorka

alkounek chocholatý

Toppet Dværgalk



Starique cristatelle


Alchetta crestata


kuoduotoji alkelė


nurniczek czubaty


Большая конюга

Ćubasta njorčica

kosierkár veľký

Mérgulo empenachado


Kahküllü Alklet

конюга велика


bóbitás alka


cekulainais alciņš


čopasti alk