Parakeet Auklet (Aethia psittacula)

The Parakeet Auklet bird is a small seabird that inhabits the North Pacific Ocean. These birds are often found near the shores of islands and rocky coasts from Alaska to Northern Japan. They belong to the family of Alcidae, which includes puffins, guillemots, and murres.

This bird is named after its bright green and blue colors, which resemble that of a parakeet. The male and female Parakeet Auklet have similar colored feathers and both of them are about nine inches long. They weigh around 150 grams. The Parakeet Auklet bird has a unique appearance due to its orange beak and feet. These features make it easy to identify from other birds in its family.

Parakeet Auklets generally feed on small fish, plankton, and krill. They dive in the water for their food, and their beak is specially designed to catch their prey. In addition to diving, these birds can also swim, fly, and walk on land.

The breeding season for Parakeet Auklets occurs during the summer months, and the species is monogamous. They nest in burrows dug out of the soil or in crevices of rock formations. One characteristic of their breeding is that they lay a single egg in a breeding season. The incubation period lasts for around five weeks, during which both the male and female take turns incubating the egg. After hatching, the chick stays in the nest, and both the parents take care of the youngster, providing food and protection until it can fly and fend for itself.

Due to the specific seabird habitat of Parakeet Auklet, these birds are vulnerable to changing ocean temperatures, overfishing, and pollution. These factors have caused a decline in their population, which is why conservationists are continuously working on protecting the species.

Overall, the Parakeet Auklet bird is a small but vital species of seabird to the Pacific ecosystem, and it serves as an essential indicator of the health of the region.

Other names

Aethia psittacula



Parakeet Auklet

gavotí cotorra



papigasta njorka

alkounek papouščí




Starique perroquet


Alchetta psittacina


dailiasnapė alkelė


nurniczek krasnodzioby



Papagajska njorčica

kosierkár oblozobý

Mérgulo lorito


Papağan Gagalı Alklet





apaļknābja alciņš


topokljuni alk