Least Auklet (Aethia pusilla)

The Least Auklet bird, also known as Aethia pusilla, is the smallest member of the Alcidae family which includes puffins, auklets, murres, and guillemots. They are found in the North Pacific, from the Aleutian Islands to Japan, and inhabit shallow marine waters in rocky coastal areas and islands.

The Least Auklet is a small bird, approximately 15 cm in length and weighing around 50 grams. They have short wings and a stout bill, making them adept at diving and swimming underwater while hunting for small fish, crustaceans, and plankton.

During the breeding season, from May to August, Least Auklets form dense colonies on rocky cliffs and islands, often sharing nesting sites with other seabirds. They lay a single egg in a crevice or burrow, with both parents sharing incubation and chick-rearing duties.

The Least Auklet has a unique molting pattern where they lose their flight feathers in a sequential pattern, allowing them to continue to swim and dive while molting. This adaptation helps them avoid predators, as they are vulnerable while unable to fly.

Despite their small size, Least Auklets are powerful swimmers and can dive up to 75 meters deep, staying underwater for up to a minute. They are also known for their distinctive vocalizations, which include a variety of whistles, trills, and grunts used for communication and mate attraction.

Currently, Least Auklets are not considered endangered or threatened, with an estimated global population of around 3-5 million individuals. However, they are susceptible to the effects of climate change, as warming ocean temperatures can impact their food sources, and increasing ocean acidity can affect their calcium-based shells and bones.

Overall, the Least Auklet is a fascinating bird with remarkable adaptations that enable it to survive in its harsh marine environment. However, continued monitoring and conservation efforts are necessary to ensure the long-term survival of this unique seabird.

Other names

Aethia pusilla



Least Auklet

gavotí menut



patuljasta njorka

alkounek nejmenší

Lille Dværgalk



Starique minuscule


Alchetta minuta


mažoji alkelė


nurniczek malutki



Patuljasta njorčica

kosierkár drobný

Mérgulo mínimo


Cüce Alklet