Buff-faced Scrubwren (Aethomyias perspicillatus)

The Buff-faced Scrubwren is a small bird species belonging to the family of Australian Gerygones. It is a distinctive bird that is widely distributed throughout the eastern parts of Australia, ranging from the central coast of New South Wales to the southern region of Queensland.

The Buff-faced Scrubwren is commonly known for its small size, measuring between 9 to 12 cm in length, and weighing up to 8-12g. Its body is plump and round, with a short tail and a curved beak. The bird's most distinctive feature is its face, which is marked by a striking buff-colored band across the forehead and around the eyes, contrasting with its dull brown body coloration.

The Buff-faced Scrubwren is found in woodland habitats, preferring dense scrub and undergrowth cover, where it can forage for insects and small invertebrates. The bird is known for its agile foraging behavior and can often be seen hopping along the forest floor in search of food.

During breeding season, the Buff-faced Scrubwren is known for its unique nest-building behavior. Rather than constructing a traditional cup-shaped nest, the bird builds a small domed structure with a side entrance made of sticks, grass, and bark. The nest is typically located in a low-lying shrub or bush, where it is well-hidden from predators.

The Buff-faced Scrubwren is a non-migratory bird, and its population is considered stable, with no significant threats to its survival. The bird is a common sight in many parts of Australia, and it is frequently observed by bird enthusiasts and nature lovers in the natural habitats where it resides.

In conclusion, the Buff-faced Scrubwren is a small but distinctive bird species that plays a critical role in the ecology of Australia's woodlands and forests. Its unique physical features and behaviors make it a fascinating bird to observe, providing a captivating experience for those who are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of it in its natural habitat.

Other names

Aethomyias perspicillatus



Buff-faced Scrubwren

espineta capgrisa



sivokapa trnokljunka

střízlíkovec oranžovolící

Rustmasket Busksanger



Séricorne fardé


Scricciolo di macchia facciacamoscio


geltonveidis serikornis


solnik płowolicy


Очковая кустовка

hodvábnička maľovaná

Sedosito caricanela

rostmaskad busksmyg

Ekru Yüzlü Serikornis

кущовик вохристощокий

Sericornis kepala-coklat