Fork-tailed Sunbird (Aethopyga christinae)

The Fork-tailed Sunbird, also known as the Black-breasted Sunbird, is a brightly colored bird native to Africa. This small bird measures between 10 and 15 cm in length and has a distinctive forked tail that sets it apart from other sunbirds. Its plumage is predominantly iridescent green, with a metallic blue-black head, throat, and upper breast. The male sunbird has a vivid red breast band that contrasts with the black of its upper body, while the female has a greenish-yellow chest.

These birds are typically found in subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, where they feed on nectar from flowers and insects. They are active and agile fliers, hovering around flowers to extract nectar using their long, downward-curved bill. They are also known to feed on small insects, which they catch while on the wing.

During breeding season, the male will perform an elaborate courtship display to attract a mate. This display involves singing and flapping its wings while perched on a branch, followed by a rapid flight display. Once they have paired up, the female will construct a small, cup-shaped nest using fine fibers, grass, and moss, which she will attach to a branch or twig.

The female Fork-tailed Sunbird will lay two to three small eggs that she will incubate for approximately two weeks. Once the chicks have hatched, both parents will be involved in feeding and caring for them until they reach maturity.

While not currently under any significant threat, the Fork-tailed Sunbird's habitat is at risk due to deforestation and the conversion of forest lands into agricultural or urban areas. Conservation efforts are needed to ensure the long-term survival of these beautiful birds, who bring nectar to flowers and joy to bird-lovers alike.

Other names

Aethopyga christinae



Fork-tailed Sunbird

suimanga cuaforcat



hainanski medosas

strdimil vidloocasý

Gaffelhalet Solfugl



Souimanga de Christina


Nettarinia codaforcuta


hainaninė smailiauodegė nektarinukė


kwiatownik widłosterny


Хайнаньская острохвостая нектарница

Račvorepa sunčica

nektárovka vidlochvostá

Suimanga de Christina

saxstjärtad solfågel

Çatal Kuyruklu Nektarkuşu

сіпарая гайнанська

hajnani nektármadár