Elegant Sunbird (Aethopyga duyvenbodei)

The Elegant Sunbird is a small and graceful bird that belongs to the family of sunbirds. These birds are found primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa and are known for their strikingly vibrant and colorful plumage. Male Elegant Sunbirds flaunt their gleaming, iridescent feathers with glistening green wings, shimmering blue back and throat, and a vibrant orange-red throat patch that flares out like a bow tie. Females, on the other hand, are a plain olive-green color.

The Elegant Sunbird is a quick and agile flyer, moving rapidly between flowers looking for nectar. In addition to nectar, they also feed on insects and spiders, which they grab in mid-air. They have slender pointed bills that are specifically adapted for sipping nectar.

These birds are mostly solitary, and males can be incredibly territorial, defending their feeding and breeding territories aggressively. They are typically found in semi-arid scrub, savannah, and forest habitats, feeding on flowers found in the undergrowth of taller trees.

The Elegant Sunbird is a fascinating bird that has adapted well to life in the African wilderness. Their intricate feathers, maneuverable flying technique, and unique feeding habits make them an essential part of the ecosystem. They play a crucial role as pollinators, helping to maintain biodiversity and balance in the African savannah. They have an important ecological significance, and their loss could lead to the decline of many plant species.

Although elegant sunbirds are not considered threatened or endangered, like many birds, they still face many challenges such as habitat loss and fragmentation. Ultimately, it is critical that we work towards their conservation to protect this remarkable species' future and its critical contributions to the ecosystem in which it lives.

Other names

Aethopyga duyvenbodei



Elegant Sunbird

suimanga elegant



sangiški medosas

strdimil sangiheský




Souimanga des Sangihe


Nettarinia elegante


sangihinė smailiauodegė nektarinukė


kwiatownik wspaniały


Сангирская острохвостая нектарница

Kitnjasta sunčica

nektárovka vznešená

Suimanga elegante


Zarif Nektarkuşu

сіпарая сангезька

elegáns nektármadár

Burung-madu sangihe