White-flanked Sunbird (Aethopyga eximia)

The White-flanked Sunbird is a beautifully colored bird native to Africa. This tiny bird is known for its striking appearance, with a bright yellow chest and wings, a black back, and a distinctive white stripe on its flank. It is a common avian species found in sub-Saharan Africa and is often spotted flitting through the trees and bushes in search of nectar-rich flowers.

The White-flanked Sunbird is a master at extracting nectar from flowers. These birds have long, thin beaks that are perfectly adapted to reach deep into flowers to extract nectar with ease. They are also able to hover in mid-air, using rapid wing flaps to hold their position while they feed from the flower.

This bird primarily feeds on nectar, but it also supplements its diet with insects and spiders. Insects are an important source of protein for the White-flanked Sunbird, especially for breeding females that require extra nutrients. During the breeding season, these birds will feed almost exclusively on insects to provide nutrients for their growing young.

The White-flanked Sunbird is a solitary bird that is often seen alone or in pairs. During the breeding season, males will perform elaborate courtship dances to attract a mate. These dances include fluttering their wings, puffing out their chests, and singing a series of songs to impress the female.

This species of bird is not considered to be endangered, and its population is believed to be stable. However, they do face threats from habitat loss due to deforestation, agriculture, and other human activities. The White-flanked Sunbird is a beautiful and important species of bird that deserves our protection and preservation, so that future generations can enjoy the sight of these stunning birds flitting through our gardens and forests.

Other names

Aethopyga eximia



White-flanked Sunbird

suimanga de flancs blancs



javanski medosas

strdimil běloboký

Hvidflanket Solfugl

Javaanse Honingzuiger


Souimanga de Java


Nettarinia fianchibianchi


baltašonė smailiauodegė nektarinukė


kwiatownik białoboczny


Яванская острохвостая нектарница

nektárovka bieloboká

Suimanga eximio

vitsidig solfågel

Ak Böğürlü Nektarkuşu

сіпарая яванська

jávai nektármadár

Burung-madu gunung