Magnificent Sunbird (Aethopyga magnifica)

The Magnificent Sunbird, also known as the Cinnyris Magnificus, is a stunning bird species found in East Africa. This small bird belongs to the family of Nectariniidae, consisting of around 50 species of Sunbirds.

The Magnificent Sunbird is named aptly, as its plumage is nothing short of stunning. The male of the species has a metallic green head, a purple-blue neck, and chestnut-brown breast feathers. Its wings and tail are black, while the female is less colorful with a duller brownish-grey plumage.

This bird species is highly active and acrobatic, flitting from branch to branch, often within flowering trees, in pursuit of nectar. Sunbirds are known for their long, curved beaks, which are perfectly adapted to reach the nectar at the base of the flowers' tube.

The Magnificent Sunbird mainly feeds on nectar, which makes up 95% of its diet. However, it also feeds on insects, which provide essential protein and other nutrients required for its survival.

The Magnificent Sunbird typically breeds during the rainy season and build their nests in trees or shrubs. The female will lay 2-3 eggs, which take approximately two weeks to hatch.

The Sunbird's call is another unique characteristic of this bird species, with its repetitive, musical melody. Its song is one of the defining sounds of the African savanna and is often used in many animal documentaries highlighting the continent's diverse wildlife.

Unfortunately, habitat destruction and severe climate change are the primary threats to the Magnificent Sunbird's population. If these problems go unaddressed, the species will suffer a significant population decline or even face extinction.

The Magnificent Sunbird is a magnificent bird species, not only for its beauty but also its ecological significance. It is essential to protect this species and its habitat to ensure that future generations can enjoy its beauty and hear its magnificent song.

Other names

Aethopyga magnifica



Magnificent Sunbird



crveni medosas


Grote Geelrughoningzuiger


Souimanga magnifique




kwiatownik czarnobrzuchy


Алая острохвостая нектарница

nektárovka malebná

Suimanga magnífico


Muhteşem Nektarkuşu

сіпарая чорночерева