Javan Sunbird (Aethopyga mystacalis)

The Javan Sunbird is a small passerine bird native to the islands of Java and Bali in Indonesia. They belong to the Nectariniidae family, which is known for their vibrant and colorful plumage. The male Javan Sunbird has an iridescent blue-black head, with an orange-yellow breast and belly and a metallic green back and wings. In contrast, the female is predominantly olive-brown, with yellowish underparts.

These birds are commonly found in forest and woodland habitats, gardens, and parks. They feed mainly on nectar from flowers, but they also eat insects, spiders, and other small invertebrates. Javan Sunbirds often hover in front of flowers to collect nectar, and they have long, curved bills adapted for this purpose.

Javan Sunbirds are known for their elaborate courtship displays. During the breeding season, males perform elaborate aerial displays, including circling and chasing one another, and making buzzing and chattering sounds. They also sing a variety of songs, ranging from low warbles to high-pitched trills, to attract females.

Javan Sunbirds are monogamous and breed throughout the year. The female builds a cup-shaped nest made of grass, leaves, and moss, and the male helps with the construction. The female lays two eggs, and both parents take turns incubating them. After hatching, the chicks are fed with insects and nectar.

Despite their bright coloring, Javan Sunbirds are relatively shy and elusive birds. They are known to be territorial and defend their feeding and nesting areas fiercely. However, they are also important pollinators and contribute to the ecological balance of their habitats.

Unfortunately, like many other bird species, Javan Sunbird populations are threatened by habitat loss due to deforestation and urbanization. Additionally, they are often captured and traded in the pet trade. Conservation measures are necessary to ensure the survival of these beautiful and fascinating birds.

Other names

Aethopyga mystacalis



Javan Sunbird

suimanga de Java



grimiznoleđi medosas

strdimil šarlatový


Scharlaken Honingzuiger


Souimanga écarlate


Nettarinia scarlatta


javinė smailiauodegė nektarinukė


kwiatownik białobrzuchy


Ослепительная острохвостая нектарница

nektárovka jávska

Suimanga de Java


Cava Nektarkuşu

сіпарая білочерева

bajszos nektármadár

Burung-madu ekor-merah