Grey-hooded Sunbird (Aethopyga primigenia)

The Grey-hooded Sunbird (Anthreptes griseigularis) is a small passerine bird that belongs to the sunbird family Nectariniidae. These birds are generally found in the subtropical and tropical regions of Africa, specifically in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda.

The Grey-hooded Sunbird is a relatively small bird, measuring around 10-11 cm in length. The males have a distinctive grey hood with a black border around the chin and a bright yellow belly. The female's coloration is less striking, with a duller yellow belly, a greenish-grey back, and a pale grey hood.

These birds are incredibly agile in the air and can hover around flowers while they feed on nectar using their long, curved bills. The Grey-hooded Sunbird is known to have a sweet tooth, and they are attracted to a wide range of flowers that have a high sugar content, including Acanthus, Tabernaemontana, and Senna.

The Grey-hooded Sunbird is a common sight in gardens and parks, where they can be observed feeding on flowers and insects. They are also known to forage for insects, spiders, and small invertebrates in the wild. During breeding season, these birds create a compact cup-shaped nest using spider webs, grass, and bark. The nests can be found in trees and shrubs and are usually hidden to protect the eggs from predators.

The Grey-hooded Sunbird has a melodious song, which they use to attract mates and deter rivals. During the mating season, males can be heard singing loudly for long periods to attract females. These birds also use their wings to make a whirring sound during their courtship displays.

Although the Grey-hooded Sunbird is not currently at risk of extinction, habitat loss and degradation pose a significant threat to their population. Conservation efforts to preserve their natural habitat will ensure that these beautiful birds can continue to enchant us with their mesmerizing songs and vibrant colors.

Other names

Aethopyga primigenia



Grey-hooded Sunbird

suimanga senil



mindanaoski medosas

strdimil šedokápý

Gråhættet Solfugl



Souimanga de Hachisuka


Nettarinia monaca


pilkagurklė smailiauodegė nektarinukė


kwiatownik szarogłowy


Серогорлая острохвостая нектарница

Sunčica sa sivom kapuljačom

nektárovka sivokuklá

Suimanga de Hachisuka


Haçisuka Nektarkuşu

сіпарая сіроголова

szürketorkú nektármadár