Red-headed Lovebird (Agapornis pullarius)

The Red-headed Lovebird is a small, brightly colored bird belonging to the Psittacidae family. It is commonly found in the dry grasslands and savannas of southern and southwestern Africa. They are one of the most widely kept and popular lovebirds among bird enthusiasts.

The Red-headed Lovebird is a compact and sturdy bird, measuring approximately 13-14 cm in length. They are predominantly bright green in color, with a striking red head, a bright white ring around their eyes and neck, and a blue rump and tail. The beak is strong and curved and the legs are short but strong and used for climbing and grasping food.

These birds are highly social and form strong pair bonds with their mates, often remaining together for life. They are also quite vocal, emitting a wide range of calls and vocalizations to communicate with each other and their surroundings. They are generally hardy birds, adapting well to life in captivity and thriving in outdoor aviaries.

The Red-headed Lovebird is a highly active bird, spending much of its time foraging and playing. They feed primarily on seeds, fruits, and vegetables, but also consume insects and other small invertebrates. They are known to be quite destructive, often chewing on wood, cloth, and other household items if not provided with adequate toys and stimulation.

In their natural habitat, Red-headed Lovebirds form large flocks and are often seen congregating in tree cavities or other protected areas. They are not currently considered an endangered species, and are often bred in captivity for pet trade and conservation efforts.

Overall, the Red-headed Lovebird is a beautiful and charming bird, known for its striking appearance and playful personality. With proper care and attention, these birds can make wonderful pets and companions for those willing to take on the responsibility of their care.

Other names

Agapornis pullarius



Red-headed Lovebird

inseparable cara-roig



crvenolica papigica

agapornis savanový

Orangehovedet Dværgpapegøje



Inséparable à tête rouge


Inseparabile testarossa


raudonveidis agapornis

rødmasket dvergpapegøye

nierozłączka czerwonogłowa


Краснолицый неразлучник

Narandžastoglavi agapornis

agapornis červenohlavý

Inseparable carirrojo

rödhuvad dvärgpapegoja

Kayısı Yüzlü Cennet Papağanı

нерозлучник гвінейський

punapea-lembelind (punapea-lembepapagoi)

narancsfejű törpepapagáj