Black Guineafowl (Agelastes niger)

The Black Guineafowl is an interesting and rare bird found in Africa. It belongs to the Numididae family and is known scientifically as Agelastes niger. Its black color, enhanced with a unique blue sheen, is its most distinctive feature, making it easy to spot in the wild.

The Black Guineafowl is native to the tropical regions of the continent, including countries such as Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These birds thrive in the lush forests, bushlands, and savannah areas where they can find plenty of food and shelter.

This ground-dwelling bird feeds on seeds, insects, small reptiles, and fruits. Its diet consists mainly of plant material, but it will also consume small animals when they are available. They are often seen foraging for food alone or in small groups.

The Black Guineafowl is a highly sociable species that forms close-knit groups during the breeding season. They build their nests on the ground, and the females lay up to a dozen eggs. After hatching, the chicks are guided by their parents, and they learn to fend for themselves within a few weeks.

Black Guineafowl are relatively shy and secretive birds that prefer to live away from human habitations. However, they are occasionally hunted by humans for their meat, feathers, and for use in traditional medicine. This has led to a reduction in their population, causing their classification as a near-threatened species.

In many African cultures, the Black Guineafowl is regarded as a symbol of power and prestige. Some tribes even believe these birds have the power to bring good luck and fortune. However, they are yet to find reliable success in breeding them in captivity.

In conclusion, the Black Guineafowl is a unique and fascinating bird with a striking appearance and interesting behaviors. With its population under threat in the wild, people should take the necessary steps to conserve and protect these birds so that future generations can enjoy their beauty and quirks.

Other names

Agelastes niger



Black Guineafowl

pintada negra



crna biserka

perlička černá

Sort Kalkunhøne

Zwart Parelhoen


Pintade noire


Faraona nera


juodoji patarška


pantarka czarna


Чёрная тёмная цесарка

Crna biserka

perlička čierna

Pintada negra

svart pärlhöna

Kara Beçtavuğu

цесарка чорна


fekete gyöngytyúk