White-tufted Sunbeam (Aglaeactis castelnaudii)

The White-tufted Sunbeam is a species of hummingbird found in the Andes mountain range of South America. These small birds are known for their distinct white tuft of feathers on their crown. The males have emerald green plumage on their backs and crowns, while their undersides are a bright orange-red. They have a long, straight bill and their wings are short and pointed. The females have slightly duller plumage and lack the bright orange-red undersides.

White-tufted Sunbeams are primarily found in cloud forests and high-altitude grasslands, between elevations of 2,500 and 3,500 meters. They are known to feed on nectar from flowers, especially from the flower genus Chuquiraga. In addition to nectar, they also feed on small insects and spiders, which they catch while in flight.

During the breeding season, males engage in elaborate courtship displays to attract females. These displays consist of aerial acrobatics, including high-speed dives and steep climbs. Males also fan out their white crown feathers during these displays, which makes them appear more attractive to females.

White-tufted Sunbeam birds are highly territorial and will defend their feeding and breeding territories from other birds. They are also known to be curious and will often investigate humans who are in their habitat. Unfortunately, these birds are threatened by habitat destruction due to human activity, such as logging and mining. Climate change also poses a threat to the survival of the species, as it is causing shifts in the birds' preferred altitude range.

Conservation efforts are underway to protect the White-tufted Sunbeam and its habitat. Some of these efforts include the creation of nature reserves and the promotion of sustainable land management practices. It is important to continue these efforts to ensure the survival of this beautiful and unique species.

Other names

Aglaeactis castelnaudii



White-tufted Sunbeam

colibrí condecorat



grimiznoleđi kolibrić

kolibřík Castelnaudův




Colibri de Castelnau


Macchia di sole dai ciuffetti


baltakrūtis saulės spindulėlis


iskrzyk białoplamy


Белохохлый солнечный луч

Belogrudi sunčev kolibri

andárik ambróziový

Colibrí condecorado


Beyaz Tüylü Günışığı

колібрі-золотожар перуанський