Yunnan Fulvetta (Alcippe fratercula)

The Yunnan Fulvetta bird, also known as the Kunming Fulvetta or the Golden-winged Fulvetta, is a small passerine bird belonging to the family Alcippeidae. This bird can be found exclusively in the mountainous areas of Southwest China, particularly in the Yunnan Province.

The Yunnan Fulvetta is a small bird, measuring around 11-12 cm in length and weighing only about 8-11 grams. This bird has a grey or brownish-grey head and upperparts, while the wings are golden-yellow with black edging. Its underparts are light grey with a yellow or buff-colored vent and undertail coverts. The Yunnan Fulvetta has a short, curved beak, and its eyes are black and surrounded by a thin white ring.

These birds are highly social and are often observed in small groups or flocks. They forage on or near the ground for insects, spiders, and fruits. The Yunnan Fulvetta is a resident bird and does not migrate like other bird species. It resides in coniferous and mixed forests with dense undergrowth, at elevations ranging from 1,500 to 3,900 meters above sea level.

Despite its limited distribution, the Yunnan Fulvetta is not considered endangered at present. However, like other bird species, habitat loss and fragmentation due to human activities could ultimately threaten their population in the future. Additionally, their narrow distribution makes them vulnerable to local disturbances and climate change.

In conclusion, the Yunnan Fulvetta is a small but beautiful bird species endemic to the Yunnan Province of Southwest China. Its golden-winged appearance and social behavior make it an attractive bird to watch in the wild. While its population is not currently under threat, it is essential to maintain the natural habitat of these birds to ensure their survival.

Other names

Alcippe fratercula



Yunnan Fulvetta




Alcippe de Rippon




sikornik płowy


Юннаньская альциппа

Junanska fulveta

alkipa plavobruchá


Yunnan Fulvettası

альципа юнанська