Mountain Fulvetta (Alcippe peracensis)

The Mountain Fulvetta bird is a small bird belonging to the family of Alcippe. This bird is known for its unique and vibrant coloration with a yellowish-brown body and greyish-blue wings.

The Mountain Fulvetta is widely distributed in the eastern Himalayas, particularly in the countries of Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, and Nepal. They are commonly found in dense forests and thick undergrowth and can often be heard before they are seen.

These birds are social and gregarious, and live in small flocks of about five to ten individuals. They are territorial and known to fiercely defend their territories against other species of birds.

The diet of the Mountain Fulvetta consists mainly of insects, which they hunt in the dense forest undergrowth. They forage in small groups, hopping nimbly along branches and through undergrowth, searching for their next meal.

The Mountain Fulvetta is known for its melodious song, which has been described as a high-pitched, clear, and musical whistle. They mainly use vocalizations to communicate within their social groups.

The birds start breeding from March to May. The female builds a cup-shaped nest with roots and grasses, which she ingeniously uses to blend in with the surrounding environment. They usually lay about four to five eggs that incubate for almost two weeks. Both the male and female Mountain Fulvettas take turns incubating the eggs and taking care of the chicks once they hatch.

In conclusion, the Mountain Fulvetta is a beautiful, social, and gregarious bird that is commonly found in the eastern Himalayas. This bird is known for its unique and vibrant coloration, as well as its melodious song. They live in dense forests and thick undergrowth, where they forage in small groups, feeding mainly on insects. These birds are also known to fiercely defend their territories and take turns caring for their young.

Other names

Alcippe peracensis



Mountain Fulvetta

fulveta de muntanya



planinski drozić

timálie malajská


Maleise Alcippe


Alcippe bridé


Fulvetta montana


malajinė alcipa


sikornik czarnobrewy


Малайская альциппа

Planinska fulveta

alkipa hôrna

Fulveta montana


Dağ Fulvettası

альципа чорноброва