Rock Partridge (Alectoris graeca)

The Rock Partridge, scientifically known as Alectoris graeca, is a bird that belongs to the Phasianidae family. These birds are mainly found in Eurasia, especially in the mountainous areas of the Mediterranean and western Asia. Their natural habitat includes rocky terrains, scrublands, and forest edges.

The Rock Partridge's physical appearance is easy to recognize. The bird has a stout body with short wings and tail feathers. The male bird has a prominent black and white band across the forehead and black spots on the breast, while the female has a less distinct band on the forehead and brown spots on the breast. The bird's plumage offers a remarkable camouflage that helps them hide effectively in their natural environment. The average size of an adult Rock Partridge is about 30 cm in length and weighs about 400g.

Rock Partridges are known to form strong monogamous pair bonds. These birds typically nest in cavities on the ground, mainly in rocky crevices, which provide them with excellent cover. Their diet is predominantly herbivorous, consisting of a variety of plants such as shrubs, leaves, and seeds, with a small amount of insects in their diet.

The Rock Partridge is a non-migratory bird, which means they typically stay within their habitat throughout the year. However, during the breeding season, they may move to other areas.

One of the main threats facing the Rock Partridge is habitat destruction. The destruction of mountainous areas due to mining and agriculture directly affects the bird's population. Also, hunting has affected some populations in the past, but it has been prohibited in some countries to protect the species.
Overall, the Rock Partridge is an interesting and important bird species. Their unique physical characteristics and behaviors make them fascinating to watch, and their role in the ecosystem as herbivores helps maintain the delicate balance of their habitats.

Other names

Alectoris graeca



Rock Partridge

perdiu de roca



jarebica kamenjarka

orebice horská




Perdrix bartavelle




akmeninis keklikas


góropatwa skalna


Европейский кеклик


kuropta horská

Perdiz griega


Kaya Kekliği

кеклик європейський


szirti fogoly


klinšu irbe