Arabian Partridge (Alectoris melanocephala)

The Arabian Partridge, also known as the Sand Partridge, is a bird that belongs to the Phasianidae family. It is found in arid regions in the Middle East, ranging from the Arabian Peninsula to Iran. These birds have adapted well to the harsh desert environment and can survive without water for long periods.

The Arabian Partridge is a small bird that measures around 25 cm in length and weighs about 250 grams. It has a plump body with a short tail and wings. The male bird has a grey-brown head and chest with a distinctive black band around the belly. The rest of the bird's body is buff-colored, and it has a reddish-brown patch on the lower back. The female, on the other hand, is smaller than the male and has a less distinct black band on the belly.

These birds are primarily ground-dwellers, spending most of their time walking or running on the desert floor. They are omnivores and feed on seeds, insects, and other small animals. These birds have adapted to the desert environment by developing specialized salt glands that allow them to excrete salt from their bodies, enabling them to drink seawater.

During the breeding season, the male Arabian Partridge performs an impressive courtship dance, fluffing up his feathers and running in circles around the female. After mating, the female bird will lay around 6 to 10 eggs in a depression in the sandy ground, which she will incubate for about 21 days.

The Arabian Partridge is an important game bird and is hunted for sport and food in some areas. However, their numbers are declining due to habitat loss and overhunting. Conservation efforts are being made to protect the species and their habitats.

In conclusion, the Arabian Partridge is a fascinating bird that has adapted to survive in harsh desert environments. With their unique adaptations and beautiful markings, they are a valuable part of the Middle Eastern ecosystem and are worth protecting for future generations.

Other names

Alectoris melanocephala



Arabian Partridge

perdiu de coroneta negra



arabijska jarebica

orebice černohlavá

Arabisk Stenhøne

Arabische Steenpatrijs


Perdrix à tête noire


Pernice d'Arabia


juodagalvis keklikas


góropatwa arabska


Черноголовый кеклик

Arabijska kamenjarka

kuropta čiernohlavá

Perdiz árabe

arabisk rödhöna

Arabistan Kekliği

кеклик чорноголовий

araabia kivikana

arab szirtifogoly

Arābijas irbe