Red-legged Partridge (Alectoris rufa)

The Red-legged Partridge (Alectoris rufa) is a medium-sized game bird found in the western and southern parts of Europe. It belongs to the Phasianidae family and is closely related to other common game birds such as the pheasant and chicken.

This bird is named after its striking feature - the bright red legs, which make it easy to identify. The male and female birds are similar in size and appearance, with the male having a slightly brighter chestnut-colored plumage. The bird has a plump and round body, a small head, and a short neck. Its wings are short and rounded, making it an accomplished runner rather than a great flier.

Red-legged Partridges prefer open habitats such as fields, hedgerows, and scrublands. They tend to be ground-dwelling birds, rarely venturing far from the ground. These birds are omnivorous and feed on a variety of foods such as seeds, insects, and snails. They also forage for berries and other plant material.

During the breeding season, the male performs a distinctive courtship display by standing upright with its head held high, fluffing its feathers and making a series of calls to attract the female. Females lay eggs in early spring, which can range from seven to 20 eggs in a single clutch. The eggs hatch in three to four weeks, and the young birds are precocial and can run within hours of hatching.

Red-legged Partridges are hunted for their meat and are considered a delicacy in some European countries. However, they are also threatened by habitat loss, hunting, and agricultural intensification.

Overall, the Red-legged Partridge is a beautiful and versatile bird that is widely beloved for its unique looks and incredible adaptability to a range of landscapes. Its bright red legs and distinctive silhouette make it a fascinating sight in the wild. With continued conservation efforts, we hope that the Red-legged Partridge will thrive in Europe for many years to come.

Other names

Alectoris rufa



Red-legged Partridge

perdiu roja



riđa jarebica

orebice rudá


Rode Patrijs


Perdrix rouge


Pernice rossa


raudonkojis keklikas


góropatwa czerwona


Красная куропатка

Španska kamenjarka

kuropta červená

Perdiz roja


Kızıl Keklik

кеклик червононогий


vörös fogoly


kalnu irbe


španska kotorna