Madagascar Blue Pigeon (Alectroenas madagascariensis)

The Madagascar Blue Pigeon, also known as the Madagascar Blue Flutterer, is a bird that belongs to the family of Columbidae. This species of pigeon is endemic to Madagascar, which means that it is found only on the island of Madagascar.

The Madagascar Blue Pigeon has bright blue feathers on its head, back, and wings, with reddish-brown feathers on the rest of its body. The wings are long and curved, making it an excellent flyer. It has a distinctive crest or "crown" located on its forehead, which is a unique feature among other pigeons.

This species of pigeon is usually found in the dense forests of Madagascar, where it feeds on fruits, seeds, and insects. It has been noted that they are more likely to inhabit humid forests at higher altitudes. During the breeding season, Madagascar Blue Pigeons build their nests in the trees and bushes, laying one egg which they will incubate for around 18-19 days.

The main threats to the Madagascar Blue Pigeon are habitat destruction, deforestation, and hunting for their meat. The species is listed as Near Threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and populations have decreased over the past several years.

Conservation efforts for the Madagascar Blue Pigeon have been undertaken in recent years, including the establishment of protected areas such as the Ankarafantsika National Park and the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. These measures have helped to protect the species from further loss of habitat.

In conclusion, the Madagascar Blue Pigeon is a unique and beautiful bird that is found only in Madagascar. With its bright blue feathers and distinctive crest, it is an exciting sight for birdwatchers. However, with its decreasing population due to habitat destruction and hunting, it is essential to take conservation measures to preserve this remarkable species for future generations to appreciate.

Other names

Alectroenas madagascariensis



Madagascar Blue Pigeon

colom blau de Madagascar



modra voćarica

holub červenoocasý


Malagassische Blauwe Duif


Founingo bleu


Piccione blu del Madagascar


madagaskarinis mėlynasis karvelis


koralczyk niebieskawy


Мадагаскарский синий голубь

Madagaskarski plavi golub

pestroš modrý

Paloma azul malgache


Madagaskar Mavi Güvercini

фунінго мадагаскарський

madagaskari sinituvi

madagaszkári gyümölcsgalamb