Strange-tailed Tyrant (Alectrurus risora)

The Strange-tailed Tyrant bird, scientifically known as Alectrurus risora, is a unique bird species that can only be found in the South American grasslands of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It is a small-sized bird with a distinct tail shape, which sets it apart from other birds in the region.

The Strange-tailed Tyrant bird has a black head, neck, and upper body, and its wings and tail feathers are dark brown. However, the most striking feature of this bird is its strange tail, which consists of two long, thin feathers that extend beyond the length of its body, flanking two shorter feathers at the center, leading the locals to call it "cola-do-ribeiro" or riverbank-tailed.

The males have a more elaborate tail than the females, which they use to attract potential mates. During breeding season, the male Strange-tailed Tyrant bird will perform a unique courtship display, which involves perching on a high spot and slowly waving its long tail feathers back and forth. This display is accompanied by a series of vocalizations that sound like a soft and brief whistle.

The Strange-tailed Tyrant bird’s diet primarily consists of insects, which it catches on the wing or by hopping on the ground. It can also feed on small snakes and lizards. These birds prefer open habitats and are usually found in savannas, grasslands, and fields near water. Their population is currently stable, and they are not considered threatened, although habitat loss and fragmentation may affect their long-term survival.

The Strange-tailed Tyrant bird is an important indicator species whose presence indicates the health of the grasslands ecosystem. As their population is found only in the South American grasslands, conservation efforts need to be put in place to preserve this species. The Strange-tailed Tyrant bird serves as a vital reminder of the unique biodiversity of South American grasslands and the importance of conserving them.

Other names

Alectrurus risora



Strange-tailed Tyrant

tirà d'estendards



muhar barjaktar

tyranovec vlajkoocasý




Moucherolle à queue large


Tiranno codastrana


dviuodegis keistasis tironas


figlarz flagosterny


Вымпелохвостый тиранн

Tiranka sa repom perjanicom

pamuchár vlajkochvostý

Yetapá acollarado


Müthiş Kuyruklu Tiran

ятапа вимпелохвоста


zászlósfarkú tirannusz