Australian Brushturkey (Alectura lathami)

The Australian Brushturkey bird is a unique and fascinating creature found in Australia. Also known as the scrub turkey, it belongs to the family of megapodes and is the largest of the three species. The Brushturkey has a distinct dark plumage, with a red head and bright yellow wattles. The male bird can grow up to 75 cm in length, whereas the female is slightly smaller.

Unlike other birds, the Australian Brushturkey does not incubate its eggs. Instead, it uses a unique method of nesting. The male Brushturkey constructs a large mound of soil, leaves, and twigs in a secluded area. The mound can be up to 4 meters in diameter and 1 meter high. The male turkeys dig a small hole inside the mound for the female to lay her eggs, and then cover them up with soil, which acts as an incubator.

The male turkeys will continue to add to the mound, as the decomposing matter generates enough heat to keep the eggs warm. The temperature inside the mound can reach up to 33 degrees Celsius, creating the perfect conditions for the eggs to hatch. After eight weeks, the chicks will break out of their shells and emerge from the mound.

The Australian Brushturkey is a solitary bird and is not particularly social, except during the breeding season. During this time, the male brushturkey spends a significant amount of time tending to the nest and defending it from predators such as dingoes and goannas.

The Brushturkey's diet mainly consists of insects and small reptiles, which they scratch out from the soil with their powerful claws. They are also known to eat seeds and fruits when available.

In conclusion, the Australian Brushturkey is a unique and fascinating bird that plays an important ecological role in the ecosystem. Its nesting habits are a remarkable example of nature's intelligence, and the bird is a valued species in the Australian wilderness.

Other names

Alectura lathami



Australian Brushturkey

talègol cap-roig



crvenovrata kokošina

tabon brunátný




Talégalle de Latham


Megapodio australiano


krūmyninė višta


nogal brunatny


Кустарниковый большеног

Australijska megapoda

tabon morkovitý

Talégalo cabecirrojo

australisk buskhöna

Hindi Megapodu

великоніг східний