Fire-crested Alethe (Alethe castanea)

The Fire-crested Alethe bird, also known as the Fire-crested Tit Hylia, is a species of bird that belongs to the family of Old World Warblers. With its distinguished fire-colored crest, this small bird is native to West and Central Africa, where it inhabits the dense vegetation of forests and woodlands.

The Fire-crested Alethe is about the size of a house sparrow and has a short, stout bill that is perfectly adapted for probing on the forest floor, where it feeds on small insects and invertebrates. Its upperparts are mostly dark brown with a black tail, and its underparts are pale greyish-white, with a distinct black breast-band. However, its most striking feature is its bright orange-red crown, which gives the bird its name.

Although the Fire-crested Alethe is not considered endangered, its habitat is shrinking rapidly due to deforestation, logging, and human encroachment. Their numbers have also been affected by trapping for the pet trade.

These small birds are elusive and shy, spending most of their time foraging for food on the forest floor. Their melodic songs are often heard but the birds themselves are not often seen. They are known to be very active during the day and can often be heard singing along with other forest birds.

Due to its striking appearance, the Fire-crested Alethe is highly prized by birdwatchers and ornithologists, who travel to remote locations in Africa to observe and study them.

In conclusion, the Fire-crested Alethe bird is an important part of the African ecosystem, providing ecological and environmental benefits to the forests and woodlands it inhabits. Its beautiful plumage and melodic song are awe-inspiring and captivating, making it a valuable species in the world of birdwatching and conservation. However, efforts must be taken to protect their natural habitat and prevent the pet trade from further threating their population.

Other names

Alethe castanea



Fire-crested Alethe

aleta cresta de foc



sivolici batić

drozdík hnědavý

Rødkronet Alethe



Alèthe à couronne orangée



kaštoninė aleta


szydlak rdzawołbisty


Каштановая алета

aleta ohnivohlavá

Alete castaño


Kızılca Alete

алєте рудий