Reunion Sheldgoose (Alopochen kervazoi)

The Reunion Sheldgoose bird is a unique species that can be found only in the island of Reunion, which is located in the Indian Ocean, near the coast of Madagascar. It is famous for having an unusual appearance and fascinating behavior patterns that make it one of the most interesting birds in the world.

The Reunion Sheldgoose measures approximately 45 cm in length and weighs about 800-900 grams. The adult male has a brownish-black head, white feathers on the breast and belly, and a grey back. The female is similar in color, but it has a smaller head and a smaller bill.

This bird species is quite tame, and it can easily be approached by humans. They are not afraid of visitors and tend to congregate in grassy areas near water, where they can find their favourite food, such as worms and insects. They are known to form strong pair bonds and mate for life.

The Reunion Sheldgoose is classified as an endangered species, and its population has been declining due to habitat destruction and hunting. It is now protected by law, and conservation efforts are being put in place to increase the population.

Local conservation programs have been initiated to protect the species, such as habitat restoration and captive breeding programs. The aim is to ensure that the birds have sufficient food supply and habitat to breed, which will ultimately lead to an increase in their population size.

Finally, the Reunion Sheldgoose is a fascinating bird that is worth protecting. Its unique appearance and admirable behavior should be a source of pride for the people of Reunion. By taking steps to conserve the species, we can ensure that this bird species continues to exist for generations to come.

Other names

Alopochen kervazoi



Reunion Sheldgoose

oca de l'illa de la Reunió



reunionska utva

husice réunionská



Ouette de La Réunion



Kervazo egiptinė žąsis


kazarka reuniońska


Реюньонский гусь

Guska sa ostrva Reunion

húska réunionská

Ganso de Reunión


Reünyon Kazı

каргарка реюньйонська

réunioni ásólúd