Mauritius Sheldgoose (Alopochen mauritiana)

The Mauritius Sheldgoose (Alopochen mauritianus) is a rare and endangered species of bird found only in Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean. These birds are part of the duck family and are also known as the Mauritian Shelduck.

The Mauritius Sheldgoose is a medium-sized bird with a distinctive long neck and a goose-like appearance. The male and female birds are similar in appearance, though males are generally slightly larger in size.

The bird's coloring is primarily gray with a brown head, white neck ring, and a black bill. They are monogamous and over five years old, they will typically pair for life.

The Mauritius Sheldgoose was once widespread throughout the island, but due to habitat loss, hunting, and introduced predators such as rats and cats, their population declined rapidly, and the bird was considered extinct in the 1970s.

However, there were a few individuals still alive and their population has now increased slightly with conservation efforts, mainly consisting of captive breeding and reintroduction programs.

These programs have played a significant role in the return of the Mauritius Sheldgoose to the wild but as the bird population is still vulnerable to habitat loss and predation, conservationists are focused on conserving the bird habitat as the key to its long-term survival.

Despite some successes in conservation, Mauritius Sheldgoose is still one of the most endangered birds on the planet. Conservationists are working towards preserving the remaining populations by expanding the protected areas and restoring their habitats. Conservation efforts such as predator control in breeding areas and the reintroduction of wild populations have helped increase its numbers to around 500 birds today.

In conclusion, the Mauritius Sheldgoose is an iconic bird species in Mauritius, but the survival of these creatures remains in danger due to habitat loss and predation. Only with more collective action, cooperation, and proper conservation measures, can we ensure that this rare and beautiful bird species survives for future generations.

Other names

Alopochen mauritiana



Mauritius Sheldgoose

oca de l'illa Maurici



mauricijska utva

husice mauricijská




Ouette de Maurice


Casarca di Mauritius


mauricinė žąsis


kazarka maurytyjska


Маврикийский гусь

Guska sa Mauricijusa

húska maurícijská

Ganso de Mauricio


Morityus Kazı

каргарка маврикійська

mauritiusi ásólúd