Tres Marias Amazon (Amazona tresmariae)

The Tres Marias Amazon bird, also known as the Tres Marias Parrot, is a rare bird species found on the Tres Marias Islands in Mexico. This small island chain is located in the Pacific Ocean about 100 km northwest of the city of Manzanillo. The bird is a member of the parrot family and is considered to be one of the most endangered parrot species in the world.

The Tres Marias Amazon bird has a distinctive appearance with its emerald green plumage, a white ring around its eyes, and a deep red patch on its forehead. It has a sturdy beak and strong legs, which allow it to climb and perch on trees comfortably. The bird is highly social and loves to flock, and it shows affection excellently to its mate with courtship behavior like preening and feeding each other.

Once found in the wild, the parrot's population was estimated to be around 1,000 birds. Still, urbanization, habitat degradation, and hunting have drastically reduced their numbers. Currently, the Tres Marias Amazon bird is listed as a critically endangered bird species under the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, with less than 250 individuals remaining in the wild.

In an effort to protect the remaining Tres Marias Amazon birds, several conservation initiatives have been undertaken. The Mexican government has established a protected area on the Tres Marias Islands, which helps curb illegal hunting and logging. Also, several captive breeding programs aim to increase the population and increase genetic diversity of the species.

In conclusion, the Tres Marias Amazon bird is a unique and rare parrot species found only on the Tres Marias Islands in Mexico. The bird is highly social, has a distinctive appearance, and is critically endangered. Conservation efforts are essential in protecting this species from extinction.

Other names

Amazona tresmariae



Tres Marias Amazon



Tres Marias-amazone


Amazone des Marias


Amazzone delle Tre Marie

amazonka słoneczna


Желтоголовый амазон о-вов Трэс Мариас

amazoňan ostrovný


амазон трес-маріаський