Auckland Teal (Anas aucklandica)

The Auckland Teal or the Pateke is a small, critically endangered dabbling duck species found only in New Zealand. It is one of the rarest waterfowl species with an estimated population of around 2000 individuals.

The Auckland Teal is a beautiful bird that has a distinctive blue-green speculum on its wings and a dark green head. It is considered to be the most attractive of all the teals, with a unique coloration that sets it apart from other duck species.

Auckland Teal inhabit freshwater wetlands in the north of New Zealand's North Island. They live in swamps, ponds, lakes, and streams where they feed primarily on insects, small fish, and aquatic plants.

The Auckland Teal is particularly vulnerable to habitat loss and predation by introduced mammalian predators such as rats, stoats, and feral cats. These predators are a significant threat to the survival of the species.

Conservation efforts are underway to save the Auckland Teal from extinction, including captive breeding programs, predator control, habitat restoration, and translocation to islands without predators. Several sanctuaries have been established to protect the bird, and more than 400 Auckland Teals have been released into predator-free areas.

The recovery of the species is slow, but there is hope. The successful breeding programs and translocations have resulted in a growth in the population, and more and more habitats have been restored to create safe spaces for the birds to thrive.

The Auckland Teal is a unique and captivating bird, and their survival is essential for the preservation of the native fauna of New Zealand. If conservation efforts continue, we can hope for the species to make a comeback and regain its rightful place in the ecosystem.

Other names

Anas aucklandica



Auckland Teal

xarxet de les illes Auckland



novozelandska kržulja

čírka aucklandská




Sarcelle des Auckland


Alzavola delle Auckland


Oklendo kryklė


cyraneczka auklandzka


Оклендский чирок

Oklandska krdža

kačica nelietavá

Cerceta de las Auckland


Auckland Patekesi

чирянка новозеландська


maori réce