Cape Teal (Anas capensis)

The Cape Teal, scientific name Anas capensis, is a species of dabbling duck that is native to southern Africa. It gets its name due to its distribution around the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. The Cape Teal is also commonly known as the Cape Wigeon.

The male Cape Teal is a strikingly attractive bird with a colorful plumage. It has a dark green head with a white crescent between the eyes and bill. The neck and breast are chestnut brown, while the back and flanks are a bright grey. The female Cape Teal is less colorful but still has an attractive plumage with a brown head and grey-brown body with speckled brown feathers on the underside. They have a distinctive white patch on their wings, visible in flight. Both sexes have blue-grey bills and a dark eye-line.

Cape Teals are generally found in wetland habitats, particularly freshwater marshes, ponds and shallow lakes. They feed on aquatic vegetation, insects, and small aquatic animals like snails, worms, and crustaceans. They are also known to eat small fish, which they catch by diving underwater.

The breeding season for Cape Teal generally occurs between May and August in the southern hemisphere. During this time, they build their nests on the grassy banks of water bodies, or among short grasses or rushes. The female lays around 6-12 eggs which are incubated for around 26-28 days. Once the ducklings hatch, they are able to swim and feed themselves soon after birth.

Cape Teal populations are said to be stable and the species is not currently facing any major threats. However, destruction of wetland habitats due to human activities, pollution, and hunting, particularly during migration periods, are potential threats to their numbers.

In conclusion, the Cape Teal is a stunning bird that is commonly found in the wetlands of southern Africa. With its colorful plumage, distinctive white patch on its wings and unique feeding habits, it is a bird to be appreciated and protected.

Other names

Anas capensis



Cape Teal

xarxet del Cap



kapska kržulja

čírka popelavá


Kaapse Taling


Canard du Cap


Alzavola del Capo


afrikinė kryklė


cyraneczka płowa


Капский чирок

Afrička siva plovka

kačica ružovozobá

Cerceta de El Cabo


Kap Ördeği

чирянка африканська



bantu réce


Kāpzemes krīklis


kapska raca