Green-winged Teal (Anas carolinensis)

The Green-winged Teal bird is a small, dabbling duck that can be found across North America, Europe, and Asia. Its scientific name is Anas crecca, and it belongs to the Anatidae family of birds. The male Green-winged Teal has a distinctive green patch on its head, which contrasts sharply with its brown body. The female, however, is much less colourful, with a mottled brown and grey plumage.

These ducks are typically found in wetlands, marshes, and prairies. During the breeding season, male Green-winged Teals can be found in small groups, competing for the attention of females. They do this through elaborate displays of courtship, which include head bobbing, tail flicking, and calling. Once the females have chosen their mate, they will go on to lay their eggs in a well-hidden nest on the ground.

Green-winged Teals are omnivorous, and they feed on a variety of aquatic plants, insects, and small invertebrates. They forage by dabbling in the water, dipping their bills into the mud, or grazing on land. They are also known to dive under the water to search for food, although they are not as adept at this as other species of duck.

Unfortunately, the Green-winged Teal bird is threatened by habitat loss. Wetlands are being drained and developed, which means that the birds have less and less space to breed and forage. Pollution and hunting are also contributing factors to the decline in their population.

Conservation efforts are being made to protect the Green-winged Teal bird, including creating new wetland habitats and establishing protected areas. These efforts are vital, not just for this species, but for the many other creatures that depend on wetlands for their survival.

In conclusion, the Green-winged Teal bird is a fascinating and beautiful creature that deserves our protection. Its striking green head and elaborate courtship displays make this bird a joy to observe, and its important role in maintaining wetland ecosystems makes it a vital part of our natural world.

Other names

Anas carolinensis



Green-winged Teal

xarxet de Carolina



zelenokrila kržulja

čírka karolínská

Amerikansk Krikand

Amerikaanse Wintertaling


Sarcelle à ailes vertes


Alzavola americana


žaliasparnė kryklė


cyraneczka karolińska


Зеленокрылый чирок

kačica zelenokrídla

Cerceta americana

amerikansk kricka

чирянка американська

ameerika piilpart

zöldszárnyú réce


zaļspārnu krīklis