Brown Teal (Anas chlorotis)

The Brown Teal (Anas chlorotis) is a species of small and endangered duck that is endemic to New Zealand. Also known as the Pateke, this bird is a popular subject for bird watchers and is appreciated for its unique look and distinct personality.

The Brown Teal has a distinctive appearance with a dark brown head, neck, and back with a light brown underbelly. Males have a distinctive green patch on their wings while females have a mottled brown appearance. Due to their small size, they are often mistaken for juveniles of other duck species.

This species of duck has a unique feeding habit, it is omnivorous primarily feeding on insects and their larvae as well as freshwater snails, small crustaceans, and aquatic plants. They have been observed foraging from the ground and water to feed.

In the past, the Brown Teal was widespread throughout New Zealand. But, due to the introduction of predators like stoats, feral cats and pigs, and habitat loss, their numbers have been significantly reduced, and the species is now considered endangered. As of 2020, the population of Brown Teal has been estimated to be less than 2,000.

Conservationists have been working hard to conserve the Brown Teal's population. The species is widely bred in captivity, and many conservation organizations provide safe and secure habitats for them to live in the wild. Thermal and Marunage Bay in the North Island, and Fiordland in the South Island of New Zealand are amongst the areas where the conservation programs are working on re-establishing the Brown Teal's population.

In conclusion, The Brown Teal bird is a unique and exciting bird breed. With its distinct appearance, feeding habits, and conservation status, it is essential to protect its habitat and conserve it for further generations to come. The ongoing efforts to revive the species should be applauded, and we all should contribute towards conserving the delicate balance of nature.

Other names

Anas chlorotis



Brown Teal

xarxet de Nova Zelanda



maorska kržulja

čírka novozélandská

Newzealandsk Brunand

Bruine Taling


Sarcelle de Nouvelle-Zélande


Alzavola bruna


rudoji kryklė


cyraneczka rdzawa


Бурый чирок

Novozelandska krdža

kačica hnedá

Cerceta maorí



чирянка каштанововола