Red-billed Teal (Anas erythrorhyncha)

The Red-billed Teal, scientifically known as Anas erythrorhyncha, is a small dabbling duck found in parts of Africa. It belongs to the family Anatidae and is one of the most striking-looking ducks due to its unique physical features and the beautiful coloration of its feathers.

The Red-billed Teal is found in open wetlands, marshes, lakes, and rivers in sub-Saharan Africa, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Angola, and Tanzania. They are known to be a year-round resident in their range and migrate only for short distances in search of food and water.

This bird species is sexually dimorphic, which means that males and females have different physical traits. Male Red-billed Teals have red bills, dark grey-brown heads, and a bright chestnut-colored body with black spots. Females have lighter markings with a speckled brown body and duller bill colors. Both males and females have striking blue-colored wings and a green speculum on the wings.

Red-billed Teals are usually found in small flocks or pairs, and they are primarily herbivorous. They feed on small plant matter such as seeds, grains, and aquatic plants. Occasionally, these birds consume insects and small invertebrates.

During breeding season, male Red-billed Teals court the females through various displays, including head bobbing, whistling, and wing flapping. When a pair is formed, the female selects a concealed spot to lay her eggs. She lays between 5 and 13 white eggs, which are incubated by the female for approximately four weeks.

The Red-billed Teal is not considered a globally threatened species. However, habitat degradation, hunting, and trapping are significant threats to their populations' sustainability. Conservation efforts are being made to protect the wetland habitats where these birds live.

In conclusion, the Red-billed Teal is a beautiful bird with unique physical traits and is an important part of sub-Saharan African wetland ecosystems.

Other names

Anas erythrorhyncha



Red-billed Teal

ànec bec-roig



crvenokljuna patka

ostralka rudozobá

Rødnæbbet And



Canard à bec rouge


Anatra beccorosso


raudonsnapė kryklė


rożeniec czerwonodzioby


Красноклювая шилохвость

Crvenokljuni šiljkan

kačica červenozobá

Ánade piquirrojo

rödnäbbad and

Kırmızı Gagalı Ördek

шилохвіст червонодзьобий



piroscsőrű réce


sarkanknābja pīle


rdečekljuna raca